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  • Hönnunarmars - Cirilia Rose

    It’s been exactly two years since I last attended Hönnunarmars, or DesignMarch , an annual festival in Reyjkavík, Iceland, but the memories burn brightly in the same pastel brights that light up the city, setting off all the stony grays. 

    At the time I had aspirations to become a vlogger, documenting the trip with a tiny digital camera, taking my internet friends along for what I knew would be an inspiring time (it was a repeat visit for me, and I hope not my last). I was joined by fellow hardcore knitters Stephen West , Dianna Walla  and globetrotting clothing designer Barbara of Dream Tribe, formerlly Chillimint . Our friend and host Ragga  is a formidable knitter herself, and the conduit for my ongoing love affair with Iceland, especially downtown Reykjavik, also known by its city code 101.

    Friends and friends-of-friends are aware of my full-blown obsession and constantly ask for advice when planning their own journeys to the land of fire and ice. I always feel like a bit of fraud answering, since I’ve stayed quite close to the city on all 4 visits. My travel companions and I usually play with the idea of renting a car and hitting the storied Ring road, the main highway the circles the island, we’re usually distracted by a perfectly cooked waffle or an impossibly stylish toddler, or more often than not, a curious cat. My itineraries have centered on gatherings that stay close to the urban heart of Iceland, and its rapidly growing tourism trade. It has everything I love and need, and while I know that exploring the outer reaches will provide soul-soothing quiet shatteringly beautiful views, I just can’t tear myself away from Reyjkavík.

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