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  • Why We Love Spincycle Yarns

    Anna first saw Spincycle Yarns at the Farmer's Market in Bellingham, WA, years ago when visiting family. Spincycle has been in our shop from day one, it was one of the first yarns chosen to be in our collection at Tolt Yarn and Wool. 


    Rachel, in the window at our first Maker's Market (December 2013)

    Rachel and Kate create something unlike anything else we've seen and all of Spincycle Yarns are US Made from Sheep to Skein. We love the "Spinsters" sense of color and the creative way they make their yarn.

    We've been able to watch them as their business has grown and have admired the way they have kept to their principles and their aesthetic as they had to move some of their production from handspun to millspun. 

    We love that we are relatively close to their studio in Bellingham, so we get to have them visit our shop...

    Rachel and Kate Spring 2014

    for trunk shows… 

    Rachel and Kate July 2015

    ...Maker's Markets... 

    Rachel and Kate January 2016

    ...and we have, as a group, been to visit the Spinsters in their studio.

    Label board, January 2016

    Spincycle Studio, January 2016

    We carry Dyed In The Wool, a 2 ply fingering weight, Independence, a worsted weight dyed-in-the-wool single ply, and Knit Fast Die Young a hand plied bulky weight.

    Watch for next week's article about the collaboration between the Spinsters and the local mill they work with.




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