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  • Spincycle Pairings

    Spincycle Yarn has been at Tolt since the beginning.  I've always loved their very unique and beautifully crafted yarns and knew Spincycle had to be here.  

    While preparing for our Grand Opening in 2013 I had the pleasure of working with Andrea Rangel on Tolt's very first pattern.  The Tolt Hat and Mitts are a very special pattern, named in honor of our town and the river that flows just to the south of us, the stranded color work motif takes inspiration from the currents of the Tolt River, which was the site of an important salmon run that helped sustain the native Snoqualmie people.   


    When choosing a yarn for this pattern Andrea and I looked to some of our favorite Northwest yarns, Imperial Yarn (from Shaniko, OR) and Spincycle Yarn (Bellingham, WA).  These two yarns paired well together, combining rustic and artisinal, to make a wonderful unisex accessory set built to be worn while exploring the Pacific Northwest.

    Spincycle Yarn not only pairs well with Imperial Yarn but we have seen it look amazing next to Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Dianna Walla's Seven Stars Mitts and mixed with Cascade 220 Sport (or try our Snoqualmie Yarn for a true Northwest mix!) in Andy Satterlund's  Charlie Hat.   I really enjoyed combining Spincycle Yarn's Dyed in the Wool with Cestari cotton-wool blend to knit my Beach Tank by Jess Schreibstein.

    Either knit just on it's own or paired with another yarn, Spincycle Yarn shines.   Give it a try and I promise, you will love it!

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