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  • One Skein Holiday Project - Veronika Jobe

    Meet Tolt Staffer, Veronika Jobe.  You may already know her from her blog, Yarn On The House.

    Veronika is a loving wife to a "wonderful and tolerant" husband, often times embarassing but sometimes rather fun mother to a tween & is a collector of small dogs that she spoils rotten. She is living it up in Hollywood Hill (Woodinville) in a small house overflowing with more yarn than anyone should be allowed to stash.  Veronika has recently taken up crochet in hopes of clearing out some of her stash before Hoarders contacts her!

    For her One Skein Holiday Project challenge, Veronika chose the beautiful Cedar Groves Shawl by Judy Marples and used one skein of Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool (color 8010).



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