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    We have a new book in the store and it has set my crochet cogs whirring. I dabble in knitting but crochet is my true love. Recently it came upon me I wished to crochet a sweater vest. Looking around I noted there were quite a few patterns but none which gave me the look of a man’s knitted vest. So I set about pondering how I could go about making my own.

    The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs by Linda P. Schapper was just the thing to kick start my creative process and I have spent many happy moments with hook in hand making little swatches from the 500 classic and original patterns she most brilliant shares. I thought I knew quite a bit about crochet, however it would appear what I knew was only the tip of the crocheted iceberg and I have so much more to learn. This is good because it is giving the old gray cells a much needed dust down.

    I have come to the conclusion that making swatches of little yarny goodness and blocking them is quite addictive, however I must curb my addiction for I have now stumbled upon the perfect crochet stitch pattern for my sweater vest. Although i am very keen on many of the more fancy little numbers to be found in the book, a good ‘solid stitch fellow’ has taken my fancy for the vest project. Made quite simply from alternating a single crochet with a double crochet, (and then reversing the order on the following row) these two rows make up for a rather pleasing fabric. Perhaps this is the crochet version of the knitted moss/seed stitch I wonder?




    And so my journey towards designing, making, hopeful completion and wearing with pride my sweater vest, is one step closer (as you can see by visiting with me over here*) but in the meantime, I am still quite happily book marking all the crochet stitch patterns I plan to try out and am thinking, when they are all completed, if I were to take needle and yarn and stitch them altogether, I would have a most extra ordinary blanket all thanks to Linda P. Schapper and her most marvelous book.

    Yarns used in my little swatches

    ~ Erika Knight Vintage Wool

    ~ Rowan Tweed

    ~ Hazel Knit Lively DK

    ~ Tosh Merino DK

    Yarn I will use in my crochet knitty sweater Vest

    ~ Kenzie by Hikoo, a blend of New Zealand merino, angora, alpaca, nylon and silk noils


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