4509 Tolt Ave, Carnation, WA
(425) 333-4066
  • Spinning Classes at Tolt

    We are excited to offer spinning classes here at Tolt Yarn and Wool!  These classes will be taught by the talented and sweet, Pam Salisbury.  Pam's first class on Sunday, February 9th, from 1pm to 3pm will be on the drop spindle.  Please stop by the shop or call to register. 425.333.4066.




    Students will learn how to use a high whorl drop spindle to spin yarn. Featured skills will include how to use an external leader to attach fiber for spinning, how to spin your own leader from spinning fiber, how to manage twist, the importance of twist, Z and S twist, how to distinguish and use the "drafting zone," how to spin a singles yarn using the park and draft method, how to store spun yarn on your spindle to form a "cop," how to prepare your spun singles for plying a two-ply yarn, how to ply on a spindle, how to make an emergency wrist distaff.

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