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    I first met Jeff and Katya Rogers of Aspen Hollow Farm/Snoqualmie Valley Lamb a couple months before the shop opened. I had seen their sheep grazing in fields throughout the valley but never knew who they belonged to.  Coming home from running errands one day, I saw a man and a Border Collie working on fences. I pulled over and walked out to the field, and there I met Jeff and his dog Pickles.  

    photos by Kathy Cadigan

    Jeff and I chatted and I learned all about his BFL/Clun Forest Cross sheep and his pasture management. I was so impressed with the way Jeff and Katya raise their sheep as well as care for the land that they graze on. I knew that we had to work together to make something beautiful with the wool from these happy creatures.

    In March, Jeff and Katya contacted me, it was time to shear. My friend Kathy and I headed over to Aspen Hollow Farm early one foggy morning to assist in the skirting of fleeces. We ended up with over 200 pounds of cream-colored fleeces.  The wool was so clean and strong; you could tell that these organically raised, grass fed sheep were healthy and happy!



    The wool went off to Green Mountain Spinnery, where it was cleaned and carded and spun into a light DK weight yarn.  From there it was sent to Saco River Dyehouse to be scoured and skeined and then back home to Washington.  

    We are so proud of our Snoqualmie Valley Yarn and can't wait to share it with all of you on November 15th at our anniversary celebration at the shop! 



    Special thanks to Kathy Cadigan for the lovely photos from shearing day!

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