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    I just love marled yarn, there's something really rustic yet urban about it. Last weekend while at the mall (I have a teenaged daughter), I spotted a really cute marled hat at Nordstrom and then a cute pair of marled gloves at Madewell.  I took a snapshot of the hat and texted it to Karen who somehow has a mental file of every great Ravelry pattern available.  Karen texted me back with a pattern that would work for the that hat and the next day at work I picked up a skein of Anna yarn (great name!) and got started on the Thank You hat by the Purl Bee. I'm still working on the hat (and the Hearth Slippers) but am loving the way it's turning out, Anna yarn is so soft and squishy. I think I'll be casting on for some red mittens in the Anna yarn as soon as the hat is done.  

    We have some other great marled yarns available as well, Insouciant Jacob and Twirl Marbles and you can get a similar affect by knitting two different color yarns held together like Jaime Jennings did on her Forester sweater by holding two colors of Heirloom Romney yarn together while knitting.

    Check out our Pinterest page for marled yarn inspiration.

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