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  • Amandas everywhere.

    Have you been following along with the Fringe and Friends KAL?  If so you know that the Amanada sweaters are coming off the needles now at a pretty fast pace.  Karen and I both agree that we are the slackers of the group.  We may just be taking our time knitting because we both still aren't sure what type of collar we want.  I'm really torn.  I love a good shawl collar (like my New Treeline cardigan) and Meg's looks awesome but there's something sweet and classic about Jaime and Kate's collar too.  I still have some time to decide, I'm working at a snails pace on my sleeves, two at a time.  I do like the way it feels, the Columbia 2-Ply is going to be nice and dense and very warm.

    Today at the shop Paula came upstairs to tell me that there was an Amanda spotting in the shop.  I ran downstairs and sure enough, right in front of me was a beautifully knit Amanda sweater.  Rene (pronounced like Irene but without the "I") knit her Amanda sweater in Cestari 2-Ply and decided on doing a shawl collar.  Rene did an amazing job and made it even harder on me to pick a collar for my sweater.  Thank you, Rene, we love your Amanda.

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