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  • Harrisville and Brooklyn Tweed

    A few weeks ago I got to spend some time visiting New England. While there, I made a trip to the quaint town of Harrisville where Brooklyn Tweed yarn is spun.  The timing was perfect since Tolt had just become a Brooklyn Tweed Flagship Store.

    The town of Harrisville is picture perfect and the Harrisville Design retail shop hits all the senses. The shop smells like wool and wood, the colors and textures are a knitter/weavers dream and the sound of the water rushing under the shop is so soothing that I asked the ladies that work there if the sound lulls them to sleep.  

    Before leaving the shop, one of the lovely ladies helping me asked if I wanted to meet Norah Gaughan, her studio was right around the corner. I really wanted to, but I was a little nervous and also I didn't want to interrupt her work day. I was reassured that it was fine, so we walked over to Norah's beautiful studio. It was such an honor to meet Norah Gaughan (designer and now part of the Brooklyn Tweed design team) and to take a peek at the space where she creates.

    Across the street from Harrisvile Design is Harrisville General Store where you can get a delicious lunch and some yummy treats too. If you ever make it to New Hampshire, I recommend you take a drive to Harrisville.


    It's always more fun knitting with a yarn when you know its story and have witnessed part of its journey. Now when I am working with Brooklyn Tweed I picture the sheep free ranging on grass in Wyoming (where I just spent some time in Yellowstone) and I have a clear vision of the sweet town where it's spun.  

    For my next Brooklyn Tweed project, I am thinking of casting on for another Fringe Hatalong (I still need to finish my last hat!) and Shannon Cook's new pattern that's being released on Monday sounds fantastic too. I am also tempted by the many gorgeous designs in the new Wool People 9.  
    Happy knitting!

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