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  • Anna Vest KAL

    I love vests! I have a few down vests of different weights, each serve a purpose: running, hiking, and everyday use. I purchased a knitted Cowichan vest when Kathy Cadigan, Paula Butzi and I visited Andrea Rangel in Cowichan Bay a couple of years ago.

    Vests are practical, they keep your core warm and toasty without any extra bulk. You can layer them with a long sleeve shirt underneath and even a jacket or coat on top (and you can still bend your elbows). Vests are fast to knit, NO SLEEVES!

    When I spoke with Karen Templer last year about contributing a pattern for our Farm to Needle book she suggested a vest design that was inspired by a vintage pattern she had knitted. I was thrilled.  

    A few months later when Karen's sample arrived in the mail, all of us in the Tolt office tried it on. This sample was the medium size 38" and we were all surprised that it fit and looked great on all of us. We joked and called it the Sisterhood of the Traveling Vest.  

    Suzanne is 5' 6 1/2" with a 36" bust.


     Anna is 5' 6" with a 33 1/2" bust.


    Kimberly is 5' 6" with a 42" bust.



    Clare is 5' 3" with a 34" bust.



    Rachel is 5'6" with a 38" bust.


    We weren't the only ones who were excited about the Anna Vest, a few of the other ladies at the shop cast on before the pattern was released. After our anniversary celebration and the release of the Farm to Needle book, our Tuesday morning stitch circle group started their own Anna Vest KAL.

    Anna (wearing a size small vest, 34", knit by test knitter, Emily Butzi), Paula, Jenny and Rachel wearing their Anna Vests.


    I was really excited when Karen announced that she will be hosting a Anna Vest KAL on her blog. I decided on Beiroa yarn and got gauge on a US size 6 needle. I am almost done and I can't wait to wear it!      


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