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  • An Update on Quince

    After years of working with Quince & Co. in good faith, we must take a step back. When @leila_raven brought her grievances to light, we paused, hoping to see resolution, hoping to see good faith restored. And when more concerns came to our attention, and more and more, we were taken aback and our team took time to consider our course of action. Exploitative actions have no place in this industry of ours, and clearly we as a community demand better. It took great courage for @leila_raven , @christine.chitnis and others to speak up.

    We have invested in Quince & Co. considerably as a flagship. We love this American wool, we were in love with the idea of ethically produced wool at every level. We grieve the potential impact on domestic wool producers, and on domestically produced yarn. We are also saddened by the broken faith, and the accompanying disillusionment. We will be looking more closely at our suppliers, and listening hard to our community of colleagues in this industry to ensure our suppliers are aligned with our values.

    At this time we will continue our pause on ordering. We hope to see lasting, positive change for the sake of preserving the likes of Owl, the American Wool line, and their excellent linens. For the next month we will be directing 25% of our Quince sales to organizations that support BIPOC/BBIMP designers. We will follow up with our organization(s) of choice. We have been doing research and reaching out, additionally hearing from our community regarding truly supportive organizations would be helpful.

    We have been in communication with the new directors of Quince, and we have high hopes that they will be able to enact all of the positive changes that they've committed to. We need to see it happen, over time, and within their choices in long term leadership. We wish the best to the team working on rebuilding our community's trust.

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