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  • Best Friend Vasa

    When Veronika first told me she was releasing a new yarn for light weight summer knits I was eager to see it.   I love wool yarn and it's usually the only thing I knit with which means I don't have many hand knits for the warmer weather ( actually, I think I only have one hand knit summer top!).  I told Veronika I was excited to see her Best Friend yarn and wanted to knit a Vasa tee with it, she kindly offered to send me a couple of skeins just in time for my trip to Santa Fe.  

    The yarn arrived the day before we were to fly out which didn't leave much time for swatching.   I decided to do something that I would never recommend to another knitter... I skipped the swatch.  Instead of going in blind I thought it wise to ask Veronika what she would recommend in the way of needles.   Vasa has a gauge of 24 stitches per four inches using fingering weight yarn on a recommended US 3 (3.25mm) needle, since Best Friend in a light fingering Veronika suggested I use a US 5 (3.75).  Veronika, the queen of swatching, warned me that this was a suggestion and that I wasn't to blame her if the garment didn't fit, haha!

    My plan was to knit the Vasa in the round.   Sitting on the plane I cast on the front panel stitches and worked a few rows of garter (knitting flat) and after about an inch and a half I put those stitches on hold and cast on the back panel stitches and worked them the same way. I then joined both pieces and worked them in the round until the desired length, purling two stitches on each side for a faux seem. When I reached the underarm I split for front and back and worked those pieces flat. Then, I bound off for the neck leaving an even amount over the shoulder so that I could do a three needle bind off.   

    This was a perfect project for my adventures in Santa Fe, simple and light weight, and I am so pleased with the way it turned out. I ended up getting about 25 stitches per four inches. The top turned out to be about a 34" bust (the smallest size) instead of the 38" bust I cast on for. Despite the smaller size it still fits nicely, and, because of this beautiful yarn, it has lovely drape. I'm so happy to have another summer knit!!!



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