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  • Brooklyn Tweed Month - Shannon Cook

    We are so happy to welcome the sweet and lovely Shannon Cook to our blog today.  Shannon is a passionate maker, designer, blogger and is always full of smiles and enthusiasm.  Thank you, Shannon, for participating in our Brooklyn Tweed Month!

    Is there a colorway you find yourself using over and over again? Or a particular color you are excited to knit with next?

    I find myself being drawn to Hayloft in Shelter quite often. I honestly have to force myself to "not" use it all the time. I also love and use Fossil and Woodsmoke a lot as well. I'm excited to use some of the new colors in Arbor and in Vale as well. The Arbor palette is just stunning and a lot of tones I wouldn't normally gravitate to call to to me when put on BT's gorgeous yarns! So many colorways to play with!

    What's your most recent Brooklyn Tweed knit?

    My most recent Brooklyn Tweed knit was a pattern I release in late spring called Atmen. I used their DK weight Arbor for this shawl and it was heavenly to design with and wear. I love it! 

    Atmen Shawl by Shannon Cook knit in Brooklyn Tweed Arbor

    What's the first thing you knit in Brooklyn Tweed?

    The first thing I knit in Brooklyn Tweed that I actually finished (there was a lot of swatching in between because I knew I wanted to design with it) was my pattern Bradway. I completely fell head over heels in love with Shelter. Like madly in love. The kind of love where I wanted to knit all the things with Shelter. I've been using it ever since and each time I do I fall more in love with it. Shelter just speaks to me. 

    I first bought Loft at Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle years ago and remember meeting Jared for the first time and just making a total dork out of myself and being quite honestly - speechless. Which if you know me is hard to do...haha. I asked him to sign my ball bands for me and they still, to this day, hang on my inspiration board in my office. I still have those skeins but Shelter quickly followed behind that purchase and I ended up knitting with them first and Bradway was born.  :)

    Bradway Shawl by Shannon Cook knit in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

    Do you have a favorite base?

    Lol...Shelter. But Arbor is a very close second now. I literally need more hours in my days so I can just knit with them all...lol. Shelter and Arbor are different from each other but they both have qualities that just make my knitter soul so very happy. The texture, the loft, the feel....I just love using them. But then I've never met a Brooklyn Tweed yarn I didn't like...lol. And I don't anticipate that happening in the future either. 

    How do you think Brooklyn Tweed has made an impact on the hand-knitting industry?

    I think Brooklyn Tweed has made an impact on teaching us that where our yarn comes from and how it's made IS important. They care about their products and their practices and I look for that in the companies I work with and the products I use. I think they were able to reach a mainstream demographic of knitters and share why these practices are important and then make their product accessible to a wide range of customers at a fair price point. I also love their design sense and aesthetic and feel that having brands like BT is important in our industry as well. It's inspiring and always a breath of fresh air. 

    Timber by Shannon Cook knit in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter


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