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  • Camp Tolt Ambassador – Lori Ann Graham

    when dear Anna asked if i'd like to be an ambassador for camp tolt, i didn't have to think twice, i love both tolt yarn and wool and camping! wool and needles are always the first thing packed, for any trip, weather it's by car or plane, near or far, knitting comes too.
    part of the fun of planning an adventure is deciding which project to bring along. having had a bit of practice in this department i've discovered there isn't really any one perfect travel knit, for each trip there are things to consider...
    some of the questions i ask myself...how long will this holiday be? will we be driving or flying to our destination? will there be wool to buy where we are headed? there are lots more, but these are good to start (i could probably fill a book :).
     I've kept notes on "things that worked really well and i'd like to remember for the future", here are a couple that may work for you too... i love my tolt yarn and wool project bags, and love keeping my wips safely stored in them. to make sure they stay even safer i put the project bag inside a waterproof bag, there are small size ones that are just a bit bigger than the project bag. these are really nice to have when knitting comes along in a kayak or canoe, or when the weather turns, or even sitting near a smokey campfire (i love the smell of wood smoke on my knitting, just not the ash.) 
    Banff Hat by Tin Can Knits knit in Peace Fleece
    Bandera Kerchief by Emily Butzi knit with Cestari Ash Lawn.
    the second tip i (just discovered!) was on a trip to Iceland my husband chuck and i took this summer. i had heard that there was wool for sale at markets (exciting!) and there was! i gleefully gathered an armful of Icelandic wool, in worsted weight, and in my excitement had forgotten i hadn't packed the appropriate needles. i had only small sizes. and although wool is sold most everywhere there is a store, needles are not. (i found them 2 days later! immediately casting on and knit a shawl along the way).
    happy camping, knitting, and adventuring!
    xox lori

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