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  • Camp Tolt Ambassador – Meg Fussell

    Summit of Mt Shuksan

    I’m sitting at one of my favorite knitting spots on Tolt River casting on the Banff hat and replaying my recent knitting adventures. As I write a surprised little fish floats up to my toes and a lost spider crawls over my knee. During a few very hot days in May this is where my summer began, knitting or reading with my feet in the river to cool down.

    Bank of the Tolt River

    Fast-forward a few months and in the blink of an eye the leaves are already changing color and dropping, and I’m attempting to sum up my amazing northwest summer. I’ve lost count of the mountains and lakes I had the opportunity to hike, but I mainly reflect upon the highlight climb when my father & I summited Mt. Shuksan in the North Cascades.

    Mt. Shuksan 

    Mt. Shuksan

    It came to be known as ‘The Big Hike’ to those in the incredibly supportive Tolt community, and over the span of four days we traversed the most technical route up the mountain. Up and up through rocky gullies, crossing mile-wide glaciers & climbing with ice-axes along glacial ridges, no intensity nor variety of training hikes could have prepared us! Aside from being the most heightened experience I’ve had in my life, every moment from the initial commitment, to the climb, to the final summit were life-changing and rewarding.

    Mt. Baker 

    Kendall Catwalk


    Mt. Pilchuck 

    From knitting on a ledge off Mt. Pilchuck to gathering around the cozy Camp Tolt knit night fires, I’m feeling so inspired by fellow knitters seeking adventure and sharing their love of fiber at the same time. Here’s to keeping the momentum going and to forever being curious, creative, and adventurous!

    Garibaldi Lake

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