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  • Squam Art Workshops, Fall 2016

    Last week Tif Fussel and I hopped on a plane heading to New Hampshire for a wonderful long weekend at the Squam Art Workshops.
    Before heading to Squam Lakes we got to visit Carrie Bostick Hoge of Madder Made in her lovely studio just north of Portland, Maine.  I was thrilled to meet Carrie, I'm a huge fan of her designs and her new magazine, Making, is spectacular.
    Tif and Carrie 
    The following day we picked up our friend and fellow Tolt staff member, Anna Elise, from the Manchester-Boston Airport and headed north to the beautiful Squam Lakes.   
    Tif and I were roommates in a cabin we shared with Jaime and Amber of Fancy Tiger Crafts, Tanis Grey, Jess of Ravelry and a few other lovely ladies.  Such a fun group to be with!  
    One of the many docks along the lake
    Catching dreams and wishes during the Harvest moon
    Our cabin
    Our room.
    Jess, Jaime, Carrie and Lizzy in front of our cabin
    Our days were filled with yummy food, amazing classes, crafting, hiking, sitting on the dock and lots of laughter.  We were even fortunate to spend the weekend on the lake during the Harvest full moon.
    Weaving class with the lovely and talented, Maryanne Moodie.
    Our class.
    Amber and Jaime crafting by the fireplace.
    Tif working on her crochet shawl from Cal Patch's class and her little critter from Ann Wood's class sitting nearby .
    Crafting on the dock
    Knitting my Oda sweater in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter
    Jaime and I hiked up Rattlesnake Mountain so we could get a view of the lake
    Moon over Squam Lake
    The last night at Squam there was a quilt show put on by Gather Here.  The quilts were absolutely amazing!   After the quilt show we all headed down to Deephaven Dining Hall for the wonderful Art Fair, so many beautiful things!
    Amber's quilt to the right of the sign
    Virginia and Noah of Gather Here with Elizabeth from Squam Art Workshops
    Just a couple of the amazing quilts at the show
    Deephaven Dining where the Art Fair is held
    The Art Fair
    Hannah Fettig of Knitbot and her husband.
    On Sunday morning we woke up to the sound of rain.  It was time to pack up and head home.  It's always sad to leave camp but I plan on going back to Squam.   Will you be there?

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