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  • Stock Your Sock Drawer : An Introduction by Anna Dianich


     I consider myself a sweater knitter.   Don't get me wrong, I do knit other things such as hats and mitts, but my favorite thing to knit and the thing I knit the most are sweaters.   This isn't a bad  thing, I have a nice selection of sweaters to choose from but, while discussing an upcoming sock knitting class series with our team at Tolt, I realized that I was seriously lacking in hand-knit socks.   We then decided that this was the year to Stock Your Sock Drawer!   

    Not only have we put together a series of sock classes that will go through the year, stocked our shelves at Tolt with fun new sock yarns, made a special Stock Your Sock Project Bag and will be doing a series of blog posts from our awesome team to inspire your sock knitting.

    Our window display by Tif Fussell and Beth Newfeld. Photo by Rachel Kieselburg

    We hope you join us this year in stocking your sock drawer full of hand-knit socks.  If your sock drawer already runneth over remember, hand knit socks do make great gifts.   Please be sure to share your projects with us on Instagram by tagging us at #toltknits and #stockyoursockdrawer .

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