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  • Stock Your Sock Drawer : Dorie Lysaght

    Today we get to hear from an amazing and prolific knitter, Dorie Lysaght.   Dorie is our Stitch Circle leader on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 10:30-12:30 and she also teaches here at Tolt (she has a sock mending class coming up!).  Dorie, as you can see from the pictures below, has been busy stocking her sock drawer!    Thank you, Dorie, for answering our questions.


    1.  Do you consider yourself a "sock knitter"?   Why do you like to knit socks?
    Definitely! According to my Ravelry project page I have knit at least 105 pairs of socks. Most of that is because I always have a sock project in my purse so I can work on something portable at any time. I especially enjoy knitting socks while visiting local breweries and pubs with my husband. I like to knit socks because they are so practical, beautiful, and comfortable. They also make great gifts. Nothing feels quite as wonderful as a handknit sock.

    2.  When did you knit your first pair of socks?   Was it harder or easier than you thought?
    I knit my first pair in March 2008 when I was going through some serious pain issues that prevented me from working on larger projects. Even though I decided to start with two-at-a-time, I found sock knitting to be much easier than I thought it would be. Once you've knit a simple sock and understand sock construction, you can knit almost any sock.

    3. Are you a DPN or Magic Loop knitter and why?   Has it always been that way? If not when and why did you make the switch?
    I have always used Magic Loop because I started with the two-at-a-time method. I no longer knit socks two-at-a-time very often because it makes them less portable but I still love Magic Loop. For me it makes them easier to carry around and I can knit while walking without having to worry about losing a DPN. This is especially important on the treadmill.

    4. Do you have a favorite pattern or heel and toe construction?
    My favorite sock pattern has to be Cookie A's Monkey. I've knit at least 19 pairs over the years. Most of those were gifts but I love the way they fit on my feet too. My favorite heel construction is the heel flap because I have high arches and other heels don't work well on my feet. For a long time I thought that I could not wear an afterthought heel until I took a class from Lynn DT Hershberger on her Crystal Heel method at Sock Summit 2011 and it changed my life. I've learned that it's worth it to take classes to learn new methods.

    5.  Is there a favorite sock yarn at Tolt that you have worked with or want to work with?
    Hazel Knits Artisan Sock is my favorite sock yarn. It's soft and springy, the colors are gorgeous, and it wears really well. I've knit a lot of socks in this yarn over the years and despite how hard my husband and I are on socks, I rarely have to mend a sock made in Artisan Sock. Actually I think the only one I had to repair was because I knit it at too loose a gauge so the pattern would fit my husband's foot. Lesson learned!

    6.  Do you have any tips, tricks or advice you can give to other sock knitters new or experienced?
    If you struggle with any part of sock knitting, look for an alternative method. There are so many options out there that you might just find a way to knit socks that will make your heart sing. My perfect example is that I hate finishing the toes of socks with Kitchener Stitch so I came up with my own method that works much better for me. I've since found out that it's similar to Lucy Neatby's Toe Chimney so if you dislike Kitchener as well, look up her technique!
    I'd also highly recommend that everybody learn how to mend socks. It's not hard, there are a lot of classes available and it is worth it to save your favorite pairs. The skills are also helpful to repair all of your knits.

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