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  • Stock Your Sock Drawer : Jenny Blumenstein

    To kick off our Stock Your Sock Drawer blog post series we have Jenny Blumenstien.   Jenny is a Tolt staffer, knitting instructor, knitwear designer, and knitwear model.  We are so lucky to have Jenny as part of our Tolt team!


    Do you consider yourself a "sock knitter"?   Why do you like to knit socks?
    There was a season in my knitting that I really enjoyed knitting socks exclusively. I consider myself more of a garment knitter right now but enjoy having a sock on the needle at all times. It's so portable!  I joke that I should have sock yarn and needles stowed in my glove compartment in case of emergency (when I leave the house without my knitting).
    When did you knit your first pair of socks?   Was it harder or easier than you thought?
    I knit my first pair of socks as part of a KAL with Knitpurlhunter in March 2011. I decided to also do my first pair two at a time because I knew that I wouldn't want to go through all the work of making one and then have the feeling of starting over. I didn't think it was harder or easier than I thought because I knew the whole experience was a learning one, but I remember being so excited when I got through the heel. It felt like this tube just magically became a "SOCK"!
    Are you a DPN or Magic Loop knitter and why?   Has it always been that way? If not when and why did you make the switch?
    I started off knitting socks using magic loop and two at a time. Then I went through a period that I knit them one at a time exclusively on dpns. Now I enjoy knitting them either on dpns or magic loop but one at a time because it makes them so portable.
    Do you have a favorite pattern or heel and toe construction?
    My go to sock pattern right now is Ann Budd's 8 stitch per inch pattern. It's a basic sock pattern that allows me to have a mindless knit with fun sock yarn.  I love learning different techniques, so I enjoy knitting different patterns because of the construction or design.  Silver Birch by Louise Tilbrook is a toe up sock that fit my feet so nicely and look sophisticated.  Hermione's everday sock by Erica Lueder has one of my favorite heel flap construction. Cookie A has so many patterns that are like having works of art on your feet.
    Is there a favorite sock yarn at Tolt that you have worked with or want to work with?
    I love the colors and the durability of Hazelknits Artisan sock.  I've knit with 3 of the Arne and Carlos colorways made for Regia. It makes knitting a basic sock pattern so much fun.  I've also tested washing a pair in my washing machine and putting it in the dryer to see if what they put on the label was true. They came out fine! I love using YOTH Little Brother or Magpie swanky sock for a more luxurious pair of socks.  I would love to knit a pair of socks using The Farmers Daughter beautifully dyed yarn....soon.
    Do you have any tips, tricks or advice you can give to other sock knitters new or experienced?
    There's so many different techniques and ways to knit socks. If you've tried and didn't get a certain result there's always another way, so don't get discouraged and give it another try. 

    Jenny will be teaching the Stock Your Sock Drawer series at Tolt, you can check out her classes here.   Be sure to share your projects with us on Instagram by tagging us at #toltknits and #stockyoursockdrawer .

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