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  • TAG TEAM SWEATER PROJECT - To be continued.

    VK Live Seattle has come and gone, what an amazing weekend it was.  On Thursday Shannon Cook and Jane Richmond visited the shop and brought along samples from their book, Journey.  It was so great to have them at Tolt and hope they come back soon to knit with us.

    On Friday and Saturday I was signed up for classes with Ragga and Mary Jane Mucklestone.  I learned the Norwegian Purl and Fair Isle knitting from Mary Jane and Ragga taught me how to steek.  Karen Templer was enrolled in the same classes and we were both surprised to see our picture in the Seattle Times .

    As you may know our deadline for the Tag Team Sweater Project was VK Live.  All I can say is that we both wore our sweaters on Saturday and I think we look pretty good.  The highlight of my weekend was being able to spend some quality time with Karen and doing this photo shoot.  Good times and lots of laughs!  Thank you so much, Kathy Cadigan ,for capturing the moment!  



    To be continued.



    All photos by Kathy Cadigan.


    I was cutting it close.  Friday, February 28th, I was supposed to send off Karen's Trillium body, that was my deadine, but I wasn't quite ready.  I contacted UPS and was relieved to find out that I had until noon on Saturday the 1st to ship for a Monday the 3rd delivery.  

    Karen's Trillium arrived in Berkeley the same day as I received the sleeves for my Lila sweater.  It was a fun mail day for both of us!



    Since I was so busy working on Trillium I had not even started on Lila, I had only done swatches.  Thank goodness Lila is a fairly simple knit, basically all stockinette except for a small garter border along the hem.  I did run into one little hiccup but after consulting with the knitting community I decided to proceed without making any changes.  I am also little nervous about the size I chose.  I am a 33" bust but casted on for the 35" size since I like the look of the sweater that had 3" of positive ease on the model.  After reading Felicia's blog post I am doubting my decision.  


    I am about .5" away from joining my sleeves (thank you, Karen!) to the body and would probably be at that point by now but we had a sweet little surprise yesterday morning that kept me busy.  But I feel confident that I will be wearing Lila this Saturday at VK Live

    This crazy idea that we had to do the Tag Team Sweater Project was quite daunting in the beginning, I wasn't sure if agreeing to do it was the right decision.  Would I really be able to make the deadline?  Will Karen be happy with my knitting?  Let me just say that I am SO happy I said yes to the project!  I have had a blast and have learned so much.  Thank you to my knitting buddy, Karen Templer!


  • Tag Team Sweater Project : Casting On

    I'm not a fastidious knitter, I would say I have a more laid-back style of knitting.  I really enjoy the process of knitting, it's relaxing and meditative and I do like my finished garment to fit and look good, I just don't want to fuss or stress over every detail... until now.

    I decided, after agreeing to the Tag Team Sweater Project, that I had to change my knitting style.  There is no room for error, I want Karen's sweater to be close to perfect.  Not only do I have to pay attention to every detail, my knitting also have to be neat and tidy.  Someone left a comment on one of my Instagram post saying she hoped Karen and I had the same neatness when knitting. Oh My!  The pressure!  

    Before Karen's yarn arrived I did some homework.  I read the entire pattern a couple of times, highlighting the size we were doing (39.5) and the corresponding stitch counts and any important information or details that I didn't want to overlook.  I am a little worried about the 4 inches of Twisted Broken Rib across 237 stitches (it's slow going) and the short rows with yarn overs (never used this method) and making sure my dimensions match the schematics (I don't want her to end up with a shrug!).  Michele Wang, the designer, said I could contact her if I had any questions.  Knowing Michele has my back makes me I feel a little better.

    Karen's yarn arrived last week, four perfectly hand-wound balls.  It was time to do some gauge swatches.  I did two, one on a US 6 and one on a US 7.  I was a good girl and practiced the Wrapped Chain Stitch Selvedge on the swatches and washed and laid the swatches flat to dry before measuring.  My gauge was slightly off on both.  I texted Karen to get her opinion and we agreed that I would do the sweater on the US 6, my gauge being 21 stitches and 33 rows per 4" (I never get row gauge).  We figured that with 4" of positive ease the gauge would be fine (fingers crossed).

    I casted on the 237 stitches (on a US 5) and started the ribbing.  I am currently 1.5 inches in and only have 9 days to go.  YIKES!  I have a feeling I will be pulling some all nighters.  Wish me luck!

    You can checkout Karen's progress on her blog, Fringe Association and follow both of us on Instagram @toltyarnandwool and @karentempler.

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