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  • Anna's trip to Cordova, Alaska for the Net Loft's Gansey Project.

    This past Summer I had the pleasure of visiting Cordova, Alaska for the Net Loft's Gansey Project.    Please head over to Fringe Association to learn more about Dotty and the amazing community she has created in Cordova.
    Flying from Anchorage to Cordova.
    View of the Copper River Delta from the plane.
    From Ski Hill looking out into the bay.
    Drifters Fish bring up the catch.
    Nelly of Drifters Fish (and Dotty's daughter) with the catch of the day.
    Nelly and Kathy
    Beautiful Gansey sweaters on display.
    On a walk in search of wild dye plants.
    The Delta
    Nate (Dotty's son) on the Orion.
    Fisher Folk
    Mending nets.
    Cece's houseboat.
    Houseboat kitty
    Jacob wearing the sweater he knit.
    George mending nets in his stunning Gansey sweater 
    Mending nets.
    Alaskan wild flowers.
    Kathy Cadigan, photographer, knitter and friend.
    Rain in the harbor
    Cordova Harbor at midnight.

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