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  • Tolt Studio

    Be Inspired, Learn, and Create with Tolt Studio
    We've had a lot of time to reflect and refocus here during this pandemic, and one big discussion we keep having is: how do we help our customers that are largely online now?  We need a new way to share the supportive things we normally do in the shop. Here at Tolt Yarn and Wool, we are constantly, and caringly, educating our customers on a multitude of topics- from yarn substitutions; where different fibers come from; how to prepare for a project; and so on. We have a lot to share!

    Our shop and our interactions with customers is the true heartbeat of Tolt Yarn and Wool. During this time away, when we don't have in-person customer service and stitch circles, we need another avenue to extend community connection and belonging. We are now pleased to bring you Tolt Studio.

    Tolt Studio is our new education space; a space where we can connect with you every month with special guests: teachers, designers, creators, and community voices to further the enrichment of your craft and yourself. Until we are back in person, our studio will be complimentary to all who want to attend. We hope you will join us in the spirit of learning, connection and exploration into this amazing community of knitters, crocheters, sewists, creators and makers. 

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