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  • Veronika Cardigan

    Betsy Farmer is a knitter and jewelry maker. She shares beautiful photos of both on her Instagram @betsyfarmerdesigns. We are so happy to have her on our blog today, sharing her thoughts on the Veronika Cardigan. 


    Veronika.  Oh Veronika.  How great was she to knit?  Seriously, awesome.  

    Shannon posted all these little sneak peaks on Instagram of her newest cardigan pattern, knit with YOTH Yarns Daughter, and I just had this feeling it was going to be immediately added to my continuously growing knitting queue.  And then she posted the full thing...and I was hooked!  Such a simple, classic piece that really called to me, 'knit me, knit me, knit me'.  And then...one morning, bright and early (or late...it is summer break and all), I woke up to find Shannon had sent me the pattern!  Well, my dear, no pressure needed...I gladly, 100% was on board to order my yarn and cast on!  

    Browsing the different color choices for Yoth Daughter, chocolate was the obvious choice.  The color is this perfect combo of grey and brown...which goes with EVERYTHING.  

    It took me no time to swatch, block, and cast on.  I said a little prayer when I got perfect gauge the first try.  First time that's happened...which obviously means this pattern/yarn combo was meant to be.  

    Casting on Veronika, knitting her (yes, patterns have genders apparently), was pure joy.  It was one of those knits that challenged my newbie knitting skills just enough (like learning mattress stitch) to keep me intrigued yet wasn't so intimidating that I wasn't overwhelmed.  Veronika also has enough positive ease, that I wasn't constantly a little worried that it wouldn't fit.  Also, with the change in pattern directions through out, there was the perfect blend of challenge and 'knit while watching TV and/or talking to people around you without being anti-social'.  You know what I'm talking about, right?


    Let's talk yarn.  There is no way that I can write about Veronika without writing about Yoth Yarn Daughter.  Oh me oh my...this is special yarn.  Now, I'm not experienced enough in the lingo to talk drape, loft, or any of those other special terms associated with yarn...but I can tell you this....this yarn was ahhhmmmaaazing!  It holds it's shape wonderfully, which is perfect for this cardigan, and it has all the rustic feels to it that I pretty much envisioned myself in a field of sheep the whole time it worked through my fingers.  Plus, you know you have a winner when your husband sits next to you night after night, rubs the cardigan or yarn and hints over and over, "I think I'd love a sweater out of this".  Yes, dear, I'll make you a sweater.  Just let me get through my bucket list of knits first.  Bwhahaha!

    Now that Veronika is officially finished, I want to knit another tomorrow.  And you know what? I'd recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to try knitting more than a simple garter stitch scarf or stockinette hat and increase their knitting skills by just a little bit.  It covers all the basics like knit, purl, cast on, cast off, pick up stitches, and the 'new to me' seaming with mattress stitch.  And that last part is nothing a little YouTube can't help with. And football in the background.  To top it all off, it's the perfect cardigan for these chilly bus stop mornings coming up where we really don't need a down coat or rain poncho but want something to take the blissful, Fall chill in the air away.  I see myself morning after morning, nap after nap, wearing my Veronika.  Enough said. 



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