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  • Why We Love Cestari

    We love Cestari yarns.  Cestari's Traditional 2-ply is one of our absolute favorites for its woolly goodness and workhorse durability.  Garments made with Cestari Traditional 2-ply wear beautifully over time.

     Cestari Traditional 2-ply in our Camp Tolt Hyak Sock pattern

    We love Cestari's Virginia cotton, the story of how these fields are so rich, creating a wonderful cotton, that while not organically certified, are, grown totally naturally. The Old Dominion Collection is 100% Virgina cotton.

    Cestari Ash Lawn in our custom colors, Elderberry, Natural and Red Raspberry

    We especially love the Ash Lawn Collection which is 75% natural Virginia Cotton and 25% US Wool.  For this year's Camp Tolt we requested some custom colors to be featured in our new pattern Bandera.

    Bandera, Ash Lawn Collection, custom color Spinach

    We love the fact that Cestari is a family operation, Francis' children and grandchildren contribute to the business. Anna, Rachel and I were lucky enough to meet Tristan with his grandfather when we were East for a business trip.

    Tristan with a lamb at the Chester Farm

    We love that Francis Chester is so willing to work with farmers and yarn shops to bring US Fibers to fiberfolk.  Cestari has an initiative "Let's Grow Together" that is all about the success of the US fiber industry and local yarn shops. 

    Francis with his wife Diane

    Francis Chester will be coming across the country to visit our shop, with every color and yarn that Cestari has in production, along with US Wool throws and sheepskins.  He'll be here on July 23rd all day, doing a special talk at 1pm. We hope to see you there!

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