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  • Why We Love Elemental Affects

    We love Elemental Affects because of how Jeane de Coster's love of fiber is reflected in how she creates her yarns. She is out there sourcing wool directly from farmers at fair rates and then having it milled to her specifications.  We carry Elemental Affects' Natural Shetland Fingering and Heirloom Romney, which was created with our friends at Fancy Tiger Crafts.

    The glorious shades of Heirloom Romney

    We love the character in the yarns, their single breed origin.  Both the Shetland and the Romney are hard working fibers on the softer end of the breed characteristic.  The patterns that we have designed for them reflect their hard working nature and take advantage of the luster and beauty of the natural shades of the wool.

    Our Hearth Slippers Pattern, knit in Heirloom Romney

    Our Iron Horse Mitts, knit in Elemental Affects Natural Shetland Fingering

    We love the colors that Jeane creates when she dyes over natural fleece colors, thebeautiful complexity that results keeps us coming back for more. 


    Shades of Elemental Affects Natural Shetland Fingering

    We love how Jeane is willing to collaborate and work with others in the industry, strengthening our community of makers, designers and fiber enthusiasts.

    Please watch for another article, in the next week or so, to learn more of Jeane's story, from her perspective.

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