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  • One Skein Holiday Project - Paula Butzi

    Meet Tolt staffer, Paula Butzi.


    Paula lives in the woods with her husband and two Golden Retrievers.  Her daughter taught her to knit eleven years ago, the first project being a "simple 10 row lace repeat scarf", Ha!  Paula enjoys sharing her love of knitting by teaching her soon-to-be daughter-in-law how to knit.

    For her One Skein Holiday Project challenge, Paula chose to knit the Song of the Sea Cowl by Louise Zass-Bangham using Dream in Color Perfectly Posh Sport in the amazing color Blue Fish.



  • One Skein Holiday Project - Veronika Jobe

    Meet Tolt Staffer, Veronika Jobe.  You may already know her from her blog, Yarn On The House.

    Veronika is a loving wife to a "wonderful and tolerant" husband, often times embarassing but sometimes rather fun mother to a tween & is a collector of small dogs that she spoils rotten. She is living it up in Hollywood Hill (Woodinville) in a small house overflowing with more yarn than anyone should be allowed to stash.  Veronika has recently taken up crochet in hopes of clearing out some of her stash before Hoarders contacts her!

    For her One Skein Holiday Project challenge, Veronika chose the beautiful Cedar Groves Shawl by Judy Marples and used one skein of Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool (color 8010).



  • Jamieson's

    Tolt is now stocking Jamieson's Shetland Heather Aran `and Jamieson's Spindrift.


  • One Skein Holiday Project - tif fussell

    Meet Tolt staffer, Tif Fussell, you may know her better as dottie angel.

    Tif is a mother, wife, crafter, blogger, designer, author, crocheter & sometimes knitter.  She is rather fond of small beings, little critters, Miss Ethel (her trusty sewing machine), and vintage doilies.

    For her One Skein Holiday Project challenge, Tif chose to crochet the lovely Motif Tablemats from Simple Crocheting by Erika Knight using one skien of Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton (color614).



  • Grand Opening Day!

    We can't believe it's been a week since our Grand Opening.  Wow, what an incredible day it was!  

    Last Saturday we all woke up excited and nervous, unsure of what was ahead.  We arrived early at the shop and met up with our amazing staff.  We ran around cleaning and had a few minutes to chat before we opened the doors.  As we peeked out the window we were surprised to see a line of people had formed down the street.  All these people lined up waiting to see Tolt Yarn and Wool, 10am on a Saturday in our wee little town of Carnation... we couldn't believe it!  The doors opened and we were greeted by warm smiles on new faces and familiar ones too, we were so overwhelmed with gratitude.

    Our shop was FULL and stayed full for hours.  Everyone was so kind and patient even those waiting in the long lines to checkout.  We had visitors from Portland and Canada and east of the mountains.  The lovely ladies that put on Knit City in Vancouver, B.C. were there and so was the beautiful Caitlin Ffrench.  Dianna Walla stopped by with camera in hand and the KnitFit Seattle organizers were there too.  The lovely crew at Churchmouse Yarn and Tea sent over a beautiful flower arrangement and our friend Debie, owner of Serial Knitters in Kirkland, spoiled us with yummy treats.  We were sad that Andrea Rangel was unable to make it but I wore my Pembroke Wrap in honor of her.

    It was an awesome day and one we will never forget.  Thank you for all your support!


    Anna, Greg and the Tolt Yarn and Wool Team


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