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Learn to Spin on a Spinning Wheel

This class is for beginners or for those who have not spun in many years and desire to refresh their skills.
This class is being offered for $40


Participants will learn how to spin yarn on a spinning wheel.

Students will learn the following skills:

Identify the parts of a spinning wheel

Perform necessary routine maintenance for trouble free spinning

How to get those feet and hands to work together for yarn

How to draft fiber and spin a singles yarn

How to manage twist; the importance of twist; Z and S twist

How to distinguish and use the “drafting zone”

How to use the ratios on a spinning wheel

How to “tune” your wheel for the yarn you want to spin

How to control diameter in your yarns

How to ply on the spinning wheel

How to use a lazy kate and a niddy noddy

How to finish your yarns and set twist


Information Overview:

Worsted vs. woolen spinning and their applications

How to select fiber for a spinning project

Short-stapled fibers vs. long stapled fibers

Types of spinning wheels and their applications

How to identify various fiber preps

Tip and techniques for happy spinning

Equipment/Materials Needed: A spinning wheel in good working order. There will not be time in this class to do repairs or serious spinning wheel maintenance. At least 3 empty bobbins. Optional: lazy kate, niddy noddy.

Designated fiber:
at least 4 to 6 oz. of BFL, Romney, Corriedale, CVM or similar fibers in top, roving or batts. (Please, no silks, cotton, synthetics or other slippery fibers…just yet; that’s for another class)

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