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Seaming Basics


Is your knitting  basket overflowing with UFOs (Un-Finished Objects)? Do you have sweaters in pieces because you are unsure how to assemble them? This class will help you tackle those projects! We will be learning tips you can use at the beginning, middle and end of your project to make your Finished Objects look beautiful. We will be covering the mattress stitch, the Kitchener stitch, the duplicate stitch and the three-needle bind off.


If you have actual projects that need to be seamed, bring them to class and get help with them.


Skill Level:
Advanced. This class is for those who are looking to perfect their seaming and finishing skills.


Supplies Needed:

Tapestry Needle


Locking Stitch Markers

1 Double Pointed Needle

Two 4x4 swatches in stockinette with 12" tails (bind off but do not weave in tails)

Two 4x4 swatches in garter stitch (bind off but do not weave in tails)

The following swatches need to be knit before class. Please use a worsted weight or bulkier yarn and needles appropriate for your yarn:

• Two sets of swatches (4 total) still on needles (needles should be the same size for one set, but you can use a differeing size for the 2nd set). Directions: Cast on 20 stitches and work in stockinette stitch for 2 inches. Complete 4 of these, leaving live stitches on the needles. Do not bind off!


You must complete the homework listed above before class. You will be bringing a total of 8 swatches. Please email Karen Crittenden with any questions at: karen@toltyarnandwool.com


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