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Spinning On A Wheel, Step Two

This class will focus on adding 2 new drafting techniques: point of twist and long draw. We will discuss the uses of these drafting techniques and how they differ from the forward short draw that was learned in Beginner Spinning.

We will discuss and learn various plying techniques, including chain ply (Navajo ply), Andean ply, plying from a center pull bobbin and other plying options.

Required skills: This class is for newer spinners that want to expand their skills. Participant must be able to spin a singles yarn.

Equipment/Materials: A spinning wheel in good working order. Bring to class one bobbin of already spun singles. Bring extra empty bobbins and a lazy kate, if you have one. Optional: Niddy Noddy
Designated fiber: at least 4 to 6 oz. of BFL, Romney, Corriedale, CVM or similar fibers in top, roving or batts.

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