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We've had a lot of time to reflect and refocus here during this pandemic, and one big discussion we keep having is: how do we help our customers that are largely online now?  We need a new way to share the supportive things we normally do in the shop. Here at Tolt Yarn and Wool, we are constantly, and caringly, educating our customers on a multitude of topics- from yarn substitutions; where different fibers come from; how to prepare for a project; and so on. We have a lot to share!

Our shop and our interactions with customers is the true heartbeat of Tolt Yarn and Wool. During this time away, when we don't have in-person customer service and stitch circles, we need another avenue to extend community connection and belonging. We are now pleased to bring you Tolt Studio.

Tolt Studio is our new education space; a space where we can connect with you every month with special guests: teachers, designers, creators, and community voices to further the enrichment of your craft and yourself. Until we are back in person, our studio will be complimentary to all who want to attend. We hope you will join us in the spirit of learning, connection and exploration into this amazing community of knitters, crocheters, sewists, creators and makers. 

March 10, 2021 : Clara Parkes

To say Clara is incredibly well versed in all things wool would be an understatement. Clara is a leading expert in our industry and we are so lucky to have her with us next week to talk about different types of wool and fibers. She will cover how to choose your wool, a breed for every need, the significance of superwash, wearing wool year round and more! You don't want to miss this free event, so mark your calendar for next Wednesday at 6pm (Pacific)!
New York Times-bestselling author, speaker, yarn critic, and one-time lab-coat wearer on PBS, Clara has spent decades exploring the world of wool--and taking readers along for the journey. Her most recent book, Vanishing Fleece: Adventures in American Wool, reveals a rich and vibrant domestic industry that’s been imperiled by a global appetite for cheap fast fashion. She lives in Maine and is working on a very big, wooly project she can't talk about quite yet... so stay tuned.

Join us on Zoom
Wednesday at 6pm (Pacific)

Past Tolt Studio Presenters:


 February 10, 2021 : Jacqueline Cieslak

Jacqueline Cieslak was with us to talk about capsule wardrobes, and how to plan yours to honor your body.

Jacqueline is a cultural anthropologist turned knitting and sewing pattern designer who empowers makers of a wide range of body types and abilities to make clothing that fits beautifully and reflects their personal style. She teaches classes related to fit, style, knitting math, and capsule wardrobe planning while always encouraging students to honor their bodies through making.

January 13, 2021 : Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits

Francoise, aka Frenchie, of Aroha Knits joined us to talk about design inspiration and a look into the design process! 

Francoise is a Franco-Māori fiber artist living in the United States. Her work, as a knitwear designer, focuses on documenting her journey and connecting to her ancestral and indigenous roots. She also teaches aspiring knitwear designers how to transform their ideas into publish worthy patterns. You can follow her on Instagram at @arohaknits 

 December 9, 2020 : Alexa Ludeman of Tin Can Knits

Alexa is one half of the design duo Tin Can Knits. She and her business partner Emily have been working together, publishing patterns and books since 2010. Alongside her knitting career Alexa enjoys crafting and baking, spending time with her 3 kiddos and partner Gary.

Alexa joined us for Tolt Studio to talk about gift knitting, small projects, how to use your stash, choosing projects & colors (even for other people!) and so much more!


  November 18, 2020 : Marceline Smith

Socks! We love knitting socks, but there are so many different methods to use! Marceline Smith of @heybrownberry will be with us to chat about sock concepts, design approach, sock tools, techniques and knitting empowerment!  

Marceline is a Jamaica-born, Canada-raised fiber fanatic who lives in the southeastern US. Since 2005, her love of handmade found its center in knitting and crochet. Over the years she’s been drawn into natural dyeing, spinning, knitwear design, and teaching. She teaches knitting and spinning at fiber retreats, local yarn stores, and yarn events around the world. Her aim is to build and rebuild connections in our Creative Community. Through her Instagram and YouTube presence as Hey BrownBerry, she's sharing her journey with all of us to craft a strong, progressive collective both online and in real life. 



October 21, 2020 : Julie Weisenberger


This series focused on project beginnings. We find the most wonderful projects, but beginning, getting (and staying) organized can often be a struggle. Julie Weisenberger, founder of Cocoknits; has perfected and developed the most useful tools and processes (check out her Cocoknits Method) for making everything begin and run smoothly.   


September 16, 2020 : Kayla Fernandez of Maressa Made

To kick off Tolt Studio, we welcomed Kayla Fernandez of Maressa Made. Kayla is a motivational powerhouse within our fiber community committed to "purposeful empowerment of your passion".

Kayla spoke about inclusion and belonging which is crucial in this disconnected yet connected world we are currently living in. As we feel more and more detached from each other, how do we reconnect and belong again? How do we celebrate and motivate ourselves and each other? 

"I believe in ensuring every person's inner creative is recognized, affirmed, and elevated"
- Kayla Fernandez

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