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Wheel Skill Builder: Basic Joins, 2- & 3-plies, Navajo Chaining

This class will teach you how to create smooth, strong joins; create 2- and 3-ply yarns, and how to chain-ply (also called “N-ply”).
Note: This is not a “learn to spin” class.

Skills: Advanced Beginner and higher. Spinners must already be proficient at spinning singles yarns on the wheel they bring to class. Spinners must have good working knowledge of their wheel’s operation and know how to adjust tension to properly to wind on to their bobbins.

Equipment & Requirements:

  • Students must supply their own wheel and three-bobbin Kate, both of which must be in good working order. “Shoebox Kates” are OK for this class.
  • Students must bring three empty bobbins, and three bobbins with 50 yards each of fingering or sport-weight singles. Singles may be spun in either S- or Z- direction, but should all be spun in the same direction.
  • Students must bring at least one ounce of wool top or roving; merino, BFL, corriedale, shetland, polwarth, or similar wool is recommended. Please avoid silk or cellulose fibers and blends.
  • Students must be physically able to carry and move their wheels about the shop; sit for the majority of the 2-hour session; as well as treadle and draft for that time period.

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