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Class, Capsule Wardrobe Workshop with Jacqueline Cieslak, Sunday, April 26th, 2020, 12:00 pm- 3:00 pm

Class, Capsule Wardrobe Workshop with Jacqueline Cieslak, Sunday, April 26th, 2020, 12:00 pm- 3:00 pm

by Tolt Yarn and Wool

$ 125.00

      This workshop introduces the concept of a capsule wardrobe as a means of shifting the way we think about clothes from individual, trend-based purchases to a mindfully curated, cohesive collection that reflects our particular styles, values, and comforts. Taught by  designer and instructor Jacqueline Cieslak — who is admittedly not a minimalist herself — this class approaches the capsule wardrobe as a tool for sparking creativity and re-evaluating our relationship to the things we put on our bodies every day. 
      As a teacher, Jacqui works to cultivate classes where the best ideas and inspiration come from the collaborative process of sharing with like-minded creatives. This workshop is particularly well-suited for this type of learning, because it offers you the opportunity to engage with fellow makers and creatives to brainstorm your capsule collection. This experience is invaluable!
      This class features the My Body Model custom croquis, which you need to download and create on your own before class.

Skills needed:
- Enthusiasm and experience wearing clothes! Students should be excited to try their hand at basic sketching (really, anyone can do it!).

What you'll learn:
- How to select favorite pieces from your existing wardrobe to start a capsule collection
- Basic skills for fashion sketching (clothes, hair, texture, etc.)
- Skills for evaluating the pieces in your existing wardrobe in terms of comfort and versatility
- Ideas and inspiration for layering and putting together new combinations of pieces
- How to find new patterns (sewing and knitting) to supplement the pieces you already wear and love
- Suggestions and resources for finding things to do with pieces you are ready to let go of

- Your My Body Model croquis ($29 — see preparation required)
- Any preferred drawing supplies (some will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own)
- Clothing or photos of clothing (no more than 10 pieces) you are considering for your capsule collection
- Any patterns/fabric from your stash you are considering for your capsule collection.

Preparation required:
Create and purchase  a custom croquis from your specific measurements from www.mybodymodel.com (this will be provided with measurements and email provided after registration). Print 2 copies each of the pages of the workbook that have 3 or 6 croquis on them. Please write your name on each page. 

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