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  • Heirloom Romney
  • Heirloom Romney
Heirloom Romney is milled and dyed in the U.S., produced by Jeane deCoster for Fancy Tiger Crafts. Jeane dyes over the natural light grey of the wool, in small batches, providing a lovely heathered effect. These sheep are born and raised in California and Oregon.
We love this yarn for it strength and its stunning palette. We love the complexity of color that dyeing over the natural wool provides.
Every year the wool has slight variations, of course, so although the same recipe is used every time, there will be batch to batch variations based on the natural wool color. Jeane describes it as each run of a color has the same “color intention.” So be certain to get as many as you will need for your project, because the next batch will nearly always be clearly different.

Heirloom Romney

by Elemental Affects/Heirloom Romney

Heirloom Romney is a lushly colored worsted weight, perfect for outerwear, slippers, sturdy mittens and fingerless mitts, anything that needs to work hard and last. The longer staple length and strength of the Romney sheep’s fiber provides sheen and wears beautifully over time.
Heirloom Romney is featured in our Hearth Slippers Pattern.
100% Romney wool, worsted weight, 4oz, 200 yards, 21 colors.
Gauge: 16 - 20 stitches = 4"
Needles: US 8 - 10 (5mm - 6mm)
Hand wash only.

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