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001 Natural
  • 001 Natural
  • 002 Pearl Gray
  • 119 Desert Landscape
  • 127 Marionberry Pie
  • 118 Wild Iris
  • 125 Canyon Shadow
  • 025 Kingfisher Blue
  • 103 Indigo Heather
  • 030 Fresh Grass
  • 024 Juniper Green
  • 126 Spring Sage
  • 112 Wheat Heather
  • 113 Golden Sun
  • 028 Spiced Poppy
  • 116 Black Cherry
  • 005 Rich Soil
  • Imperial Yarn Columbia 2-Ply
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  • 04 Charcoal Natural
  • 065 Osprey
  • 0023 Black

We love Imperial Yarn for many reasons, beginning with their rich history, their principles, and the beautiful yarns they produce.

Imperial Yarn is made entirely in North America. Born and raised in the high desert of Oregon on a 140 year old ranch. Dan and Jeanne Carver, the owners of Imperial Stock Ranch, steward over 30,000 acres, ranging cattle and sheep while preserving the original homestead buildings from the 19th century.

The Imperial Stock Ranch is committed to sustainability and it is reflected in the production of their yarns. The fleeces are processed naturally with mild detergent leaving the fleeces in much softer condition than conventional commercial practices, and imparting minimal impact on the environment. The wool is dyed without harsh chemicals or high heat, and it is done “in the locks” allowing for blending to occur in the carding stage for a wonderful range of colors. The Imperial Yarn palette was chosen to reflect the colors of Oregon’s high desert where the Imperial Stock Ranch is located.

Fun Fact: The sweaters made for the American athletes in the 2014 Winter Olympics, designed by Ralph Lauren, were made with Imperial Yarn!

We had the pleasure of hosting Jeanne Carver for an Imperial Yarn trunk show in February of 2014. We were moved by the story of the creation of Imperial Stock Ranch, its long history and the inspiring work the Carvers are doing.

Columbia sheep are an American breed developed around the turn of the 20th century by crossing Lincoln Longwools rams with Rambouillet ewes. The result was larger sheep that produced more pounds of wool than either of the original breeds. They have been recognized and bred as Columbia sheep for over a century.

Imperial Yarn Columbia 2-Ply

by Imperial Yarn

Imperial Yarn's Columbia 2-ply is mule spun which yields a very consistently plied heavy worsted weight yarn with a firm well-defined texture. Columbia 2-Ply is an ideal choice for medium-weight sweaters, gloves, hats, any sort of outerwear, as well as tote bags, socks and slippers.
100% Columbia Sheep wool, worsted weight, 4 oz., 170 yards, 31 colors
Gauge: 18 sts/24 rows = 4 inches on size US 8 needles (5mm)


Hand wash only.

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