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Retrosaria, Bucos
  • Retrosaria, Bucos
  • Retrosaria, Bucos
  • Retrosaria, Bucos
  • Retrosaria, Bucos

Retrosaria's Bucos is an artisanal yarn, spun by one woman in Bucos, Portugal of mostly Bordaleira de Entre Douro e Minho sheep wool. We are in such great admiration of this artisan, who creates this yarn from start to finish, teasing, carding, then spinning with a distaff and long handheld spindle. We are thrilled to bring you this yarn and to be supporting traditional Portuguese spinning.

Retrosaria was founded by Rosa Pomar in her efforts to share and keep lively the art of Portuguese traditional knitting and fiber/yarn production. Rosa teaches, writes books and patterns featuring the distinctive style of Portuguese knitting and empowers fiber artisans throughout Portugal by bringing their beautiful goods to the market. We love what she is doing to preserve Portugal's fiber heritage, her work makes our fiber world a richer place.

Retrosaria, Bucos

by Retrosaria

Bucos is a beautiful, earthy and rustic yarn, processed entirely by hand, in the natural wool colors of the Bordaleira de Entre Douro e Minho sheep of Portugal.  A chunky yarn, with a thick-thin quality, Bucos can be used to make accessories and garments. The wool softens with washing.

100% Portuguese wool, approx. 100 grams, approx. 80 meters

Needles: US 9 - US 10.5 (5.5mm - 6.5mm) 

Gauge: 14-16 stitches = 4 inches

Hand wash only.


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